Love is in the air, or it always is--so it seems, on Craigslist!  I know I know, the place where you can get 500 wooden pallets and a hub cap for free typically isn't the place you would expect to find the love of your life..but it's possible, OK!?

With Valentine's Day coming up quick and reservations filling up fast, if they haven't already, there's a chance you--yes you, the single one reading this, could have a hot date in the coming weeks!

SO, I've dug through the best of this weeks missed connections right here in Boise we go.

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    Love at Mass

    Nampa, Idaho

    This is a fun one that is from my home parish of St. Paul's Catholic Church in Nampa!

    "We sat front row at St. Paul's! I was smiling and talking to your little sister. Her backpack was adorable. I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask about you because your mom was there. Goes without saying but I would really like to see you again! I really hope you see this."

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    Sports Car at Albertson's

    "I saw you at albertsons last night carrying a few bags out to your car. We made eye contact and you smiled. You were driving a gold sports car with no plates didn't see what make. What was I driving?"

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    Cute Bartender

    Nampa, ID

    "To the super cute bartender that waited on my friend and myself . Had a lot of fun for the short period of time that we were there last night talking about a horse. Unfortinately didn't ask your name or #. If interested let me know what our conversation was about the horse."

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