Every Thursday for the past month and a half, we've been meeting and networking with other like-minded individuals in the Treasure Valley who are looking for some personal and professional enrichment - and who also just want to meet some other really cool people.

So far we've had some really spectacular guest speakers who have all provided really helpful insights and advice on everything from finding your path in life to how to invest your money. This week is no exception. In fact, I'm so excited to share that tonight we'll be joined by Boise State President, Marlene Tromp. You don't want to miss what one of the most prominent women in our community has to say about being a woman in leadership.

This will be an exclusive and rare experience to basically the pick brain of President Tromp during a Q&A session. As of a few years ago, only 30% of colleges and university were led by a female president. Even in 2021 the scales are still not balanced equally across almost every industry. There are certain challenges that a woman faces when she assumes a leadership position, that a man might not. President Tromp will be sharing her personal experience and opinions on this matter.

Bring your own questions, your business cards, your friends, and your charming personalities and smiles out to Powderhaus Brewing tonight for Mallory's Mixer. Your first round of drinks will be free if you mention this article and small business owners will even have the chance to win $500 worth of advertising on our station for showing up. RSVP on Facebook and we'll see you tonight!

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