How would you like to be a CEO under the age of 30? This is a different kind of CEO that you might not recognize but I have a feeling you'd be down to apply. Too late though. has been conducting a worldwide search narrowing over 8k contestants to 10 and a Boise applicant was chosen!

Let me introduce you to Ivan Nanney or "Ivan The Intrepid" born and raised right here in Idaho! Follow him on his website or Instagram and you will see a very envious lifestyle. Ivan does what some of us dream of and that's traveling the world. It looks like that close to paying off for Ivan as he makes the final cut for the CEO Search (Cancun Experience Officer).

Did I mention that did a worldwide search? Ivan is one of the final top 10. Just think of people applying, making videos all over the world and our dude in Boise, Idaho is that much closer. That's awesome! What does this CEO win other than a great vacation?

  • Paid $10,000 per month for 6 months.
  • Free accommodations in the most luxurious hotels and resorts at no cost.
  • Enjoy each perk of what Cancun has to offer. The CEO must be that tour guide for people thinking about coming to Cancun and visiting. You must get to know every inch.
  • A lifetime experience that people only dream of.

Ivan will be flying out to Cancun with the remaining 9 teams for the final interview. You can help follow and interact hopefully giving him the support he deserves. I'll list the links and keep you posted. Let's get this guy the job and like he said, "We'll all have a place to call Idahome if he wins!" That sounds like an invitation to me.

Good luck homie!

Follow Ivan's experience to being Idaho's next national star and our new Idahome in Cancun!

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