This weekend we find out whether it's a boy or girl joining our little family. My wife is expecting in late September and the reveal is this weekend.

The first reveal went great and we found out that it was a boy. Little Lennox Luv would be our little man and he's been such a blessing to our family.

The reveal seems to be more about how versus what these days. There are so many ways you can do a reveal and share it all over social media. I don't think you'll see anything too crazy on Saturday because my wife is pretty simple. last year we did confetti and it worked out perfectly. Why do a reveal?

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

This was some of the best advice I had received when it comes to the reveal. Make sure you do anything BUT find out in the doctor's office. This is a special moment and you don't need to do some over the top reveal. There's no need to host a party or bring out the girl or boy jumping out of a life-size cake (whoa, that might be kinda of cool though!)

Just take that letter and open it over dinner when you're ready. Remember that special moment and forget the need to compete with the world. If you are into making a splash when announcing the gender of your baby, here are a few options.

The Burnout Reveal

The Egg Reveal

The Balloon Reveal

There's some pretty epic gender fails. Oh, here was our from Lennox's reveal.

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