I was online doing what I call, "going down the rabbit hole", and getting lost in what everyone else was posting. I noticed that I kept clicking on things that made me laugh, smile, and inspired me. Mmm?

It started with a post from someone I wholeheartedly look up to, Maggie O'Mara from KTVB News Channel 7.

I thought this was the most honest post I saw all day and it made me think about my son. It's up to us as parents to provide them with the mental tools to survive and make good choices.

My son only knows what we teach him. It's up to us because he will find another voice. We can be mesmerized or hypnotized by the negative and hateful news or we can help change the outcome. We do that at home and in our community. Together.

If you want to change direction in your life you must replace your guide.

I must have been searching for a sign that it's not so bad despite what we read every day. That's when I came across Maggie's post and Chip's great messages. I met Chip during an interview on my show about his 22 push-ups a day suicide awareness campaign for veterans. This man is a veteran and extremely involved in helping people cope with depression, suicidal thoughts, and our veterans coming back as civilians. I love this campaign because it keeps you talking and spreading awareness #powerful.

I'm writing this because his Facebook page came up and there's a theme to each post #inspiration. If you need someone to listen or give you some inspiration, Chip is your dude.

That caught my quick attention and that's when I kept reading. Each one of Chip's posts seemed to have a theme and none of them had anything really to do with himself.

Life is a choice and we can't let other events destroy our own. It's up to us to strangle hold our lives and find our own happiness. I just received an email from a mom who wishes to be anonymous but needs help for Christmas. Imagine finding out you have Cancer today? What if you didn't have the best insurance? How would you survive? We need to get it together and take control.

I'm writing this blog to let you know that in the deepest, darkest spaces of desperation exists unbelievable inspiration. We NEED to find the good to get beyond the bad. Stop saying how bad the world is when we can't even focus on the greatness of our own community. Do you want to see what great people do?

7 Cares is on Saturday across the Treasure Valley hosted by KTVB News Channel 7 including some of our radio stations. Do you want to see good? Watch how the community comes together to give and witness the long lines of compassion. Come find us at the Nampa location with KTVB or the 37 other locations you drop off items. CLICK HERE for more details on 7 Cares.

I saw this on Chip's page and please watch it because it's short. Watch it also because it's the #truth. Let your desperation be followed by this inspiration. Don't let the hard things hold you back. Let the impossible become intriguing. You have sole power over what you want in life. It's your decision about what you believe. NOBODY controls you. Today is YOUR day.

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