I'm not sure if you've ever seen me post about job opportunities but this just came up. I've been working with the owner of Detail Doctors since I turned the mic on at 103.5 Kissfm. They had one vehicle and 2 detailers.

Fast forward with a revamped ambulance into a detailing machine, 2 detailer shops, and a crew to run this vastly expanded business. The more customers, the more detailers and that's why I'm spreading the message.

Detail Doctors is looking for 8 experienced detailers starting around $10. Manager experience? Even better

This is a really big hustle in the south and I remember thinking it would be a great side business. Detail Doctor had a much larger plan. It's all local baby! I always applaud the local businesses and straight up Idahoans that go out and conquer dreams.

I don't have a job description but Detail Doctor is mainly a mobile detailing company. This speaks to the people who don't have time to do the deep cleaning. Who has time to drop off the car, find a ride, coordinate details, and blah blah blah! The DD team shows up and does it right in the parking lot of your office. They go full service on that dirty beast!

Joking aside the Detail Doctor is a good man with an amazing little family. We've spoken for years about his business growing and all the training he wanted to provide to build. Well, he's here and I always told him I'd get him, people. Here ya go!

  • Detail Doctor
  • 16 W Main St in Boise or U.S. Bank 101 South Capitol BLVD Suite G!
  • (208) 891-0899

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