I think most of the panic-shopping has subsided. Frozen food sections are stocked back up, you can buy hand soap and dish soap without too much of a hassle, and hand sanitizer is back on the shelves, thanks to now put in place limits of two per household at most stores. But one thing still remains to be found at most grocery stores: toilet paper.

So- how far would you go to get it? A half hour? An hour? What about four hours away? I got a message on Facebook today from a woman who owns a shop about four hours from Boise, and she says she's got the stock.

We have toliet paper at our store. I read your news article the other day. You had asked to know locations of toliet paper. We have a store in Kamiah, ID (not too far from Boise). We have a large stock of toliet paper for sale and we would like to get the word out. Our store is called Bizaarn. We have a thrift and new shop that sells CBD, and tons of other things. Please get back to me. Thanks Melisa Colburn Bizaarn

This was the message. I google mapped the store and it's 4:45 away, about. I personally would use a rag and wash it like a reusable cloth baby diaper before driving ten hours round trip, but maybe that's just me.

Side note: I do think that the toilet paper will return to the shelves soon, but with the new shelter in place law being ordered for Idaho, you never know how people will act I guess.


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