Victims of the cold and flu are higher than usual in the Treasure Valley this year. Our little family of three have all been to urgent care, emergency room, and spent several nights in the hospital. I spoke to a doctor and have listed out what you should do and how to prevent this dangerous bug from attacking your family.

Photo by Kekeluv
Photo by Kekeluv

I grabbed all of those runny nose fighting, chest soothing, mask protecting, and flu striking products right out of my kitchen. Those are all mine up there. True Story. In the previous four weeks, all three of our little family have made visits to the doctor, emergency room, and spent nights in the hospital. Let's list off the diagnoses:

  1. Pneumonia.
  2. Cold.
  3. Flu.
  4. Fill in the blank with what's next!

You might just have clicked your way to this blog and have no idea who I am. Let me introduce myself quickly. I'm Kekeluv, the Brand Manager for 103.5 Kissfm - Boise's #1 Hit Music Station and oh by the way I talk for a living. You can add public figure to my title considering I'm always out shaking hands, taking selfies, hugging, and just straight live in the community with everyone else. My second job is to take care of my health and gobble all the Vitamin C my body can handle including a great multi-vitamin. I hand sanitize on the regular and do a pretty good job of hydrating. It doesn't matter! I was in a doctor's office today color coordinating my beautiful mask, so I didn't bring my entire staff down.

Lennox Flu Hospital Stay 49

My wife caught Pneumonia putting her in the hospital overnight, and my son spent a few nights. I share that information with you because it's no joke. This has been one of the more dangerous and higher than the average number of cases according to the Department of Health and Welfare. The good news is everyone is doing better in our family, and mine is just a minor, annoying, and very uncomfortable cold. So, what should YOU do?

How To Prevent The Bug Attacking The Treasure Valley

I spent a few hours with a doctor today and asked those very specific questions. I was hoping to get some breaking news or super homie hookup on how to solve this bad bug. You will be very underwhelmed to find out there is no secret in preventing getting sick. The flu shot isn't guaranteed, and all the vitamins in the world can't block all the harmful germs you come in contact with every day. I did get some simple reminders that maybe you didn't know.

  1. Wash Your Hands - I know this might seem common sense but how many time do you wash per day? Old fashioned soap and water will do more than you imagine. We constantly touch things from keyboards to door handles. Just wash your hands.
  2. Hand Sanitizing - I was wrong on this. Hand sanitizer isn't the end all. Doc said any sanitizer is great but not as good as soap and water. You can usually get a pocket Purell for .99 cents.
  3. Stay Hydrated - Seems like the common denominator in any sickness is the lack of fluids. Drink. Drink. Drink. My wife and son were both dehydrated not knowing it. Think of all those fluids you might believe that you're drinking. You flush them out, gotta go pee! Keep drinking.
  4. Don't Wipe Your Nose - Interesting right? It's funny as I'm rubbing my nose in his office. All you're doing is taking more germs, wiping your face with them, and touching aka: infecting everyone else. Use a tissue.
Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

That's all he gave me as far as advice on the flu and cold. Considering I do talk for a living and have gone through crazy weather conditions while broadcasting outdoors I have a couple of ideas to help you cope. Remember to talk with your physician and pay close attention to dosages especially with kids. I'm no doctor or medical consultant.


  1. Vitamins - I'm no doctor, and you should always check with a physician on pretty much everything I've said. Find a good multi-vitamin that helps you get the recommended doses each day in case you lack certain things in your diet.
  2. Medicine - I'm probably more weird about taking things now that we have a son. I'm not typically taking drowsy medications that could impair.
    1. Alka-Seltzer Cold - I've taken all these tablets that quickly dissolve in water. I've had the best success with Alka-Seltzer Plus Lemon that is like a powder you can put in hot water. I've been taking that because it soothes really well.
    2. Theraflu - I use to make this whenever I got the flu, but I've become less favorable of the next day drowsy effects it gives me.
    3. Zicam - This is by far my favorite nasal spray that works almost instantly. My wife didn't like it very much, but it's been my go to and not messy.
    4. Home Remedy - This is something I used when I lost my voice during Live for 175 outside broadcast one year. Take one packet of Seasonal Teas Medicinals - Throat Coat, add one spoonful of honey, two lemon slices, and put in a cup of hot water. you'll NEVER catch me gargle salt water, but I'll do this one. All natural and soothing.

Do you have any home remedies that you would like to share? or message me at any one of my social spots below.


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