You didn't misread that. Human composting. Legal. Our neighbor (and my home state) might become the first state to make this a real thing. Happy Earth Day!

Here are some of the specifics:

  • Instead of traditional burials or cremation, people in Washington might soon be able to compost their bodies after they die.
  • The state Senate and House of Representative approved bill 5001 on Friday, which would make composting human remains legal.
  • If Governor Jay Inslee (who is running for president in 2020) signs the bill, it will be legal by May 1, 2020.

Washington state really might soon become the first to legalize composting human remains. According to The Seattle Times, the option, known as recomposting, is the most efficient and environmentally friendly method of burial currently available, in that it takes up less space and uses fewer resources.

The state Senate and House of Representatives approved bill 5001 on Friday, and it is now up to Governor Jay Inslee to sign the bill. If he does, recomposting will become legal by May 1, 2020.

Research so far has proven that allowing bodies to decompose naturally in soil meets state and federal safety standards for pathogens and metals that could be dangerous to humans, animals, or nearby plants. Composting human remains is safe enough to use in a home garden.

Would you bury your loved one in the backyard? Would you want to be composted? I'm not mad at the idea. Anything to be more eco-friendly. And honestly, grave yards are so impersonal. I'd much rather be laid up in my mom's backyard, right next to my past cats.

Too morbid? Nah, just real life. Happy Earth Day!

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