From time to time you come across a business and you have to tell people about it. Usually, it's when you have a bad experience and you're all worked up. Think about how many times you went on social media or yelp and blasted a business for hiring someone who clearly has no good intentions for the business or its clients. It happens and unfortunately, it seems like it happens more and more... or maybe I'm just getting grumpier and actually expect service! Did I just go on a rant? My bad, I will get off this soapbox and write about a positive experience.

I have a friend that lives out in Meridian off of Ten Mile and while visiting him a month ago, I drove by this really cool contemporary building that was under construction. Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a remote broadcast from the grand opening of Icon Credit Union and turns out that this cool building is actually they new branch. The building is cool but their no credit judgment philosophy is AWESOME! We've all screwed up on a payment or two here and there and they get it, so their focus is on financial education. We're taught math, English, science and countless other subjects in school but no one teaches financial intelligence... except ICON. I was also surprised to find out they're a non-profit and that they share their profits with the members. Most of all I was blown away at their willingness to help. They started in 1952 and are now serving our community with their 9th branch located at Ten Mile and McMillan. NO I'm not getting paid to write this, I really believe this is a local business that deserves recognition.

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