Not so good study findings for myself and my fellow women of Idaho. Idaho has actually ranked 8th worst in the nation when it comes to best and worst states for women. How does someone come up with these stats? There's actually a quite a few ways:

Wallethub based these numbers on 24 things like median earnings, women-owned businesses, and stalking.

Some of our specific rankings as Idaho Statesman reported:

▪ Median earnings for female workers (adjusted for cost of living) — 46th

▪ Share of women in poverty — 28th

▪ Share of women-owned businesses — 50th

▪ High school graduation rate for women — 31st

▪ Share of women who voted in 2016 presidential election — 33rd

▪ Female uninsured rate — 44th

▪ Suicide rate for women — 36th

Apparently we're no Minnesota, but we are doing better than we did in 2018 when we ranked second worst. Small victories.


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