Are you sitting on a booty load of unwanted stuff in your crawl space, garage, or in the corner of a room? Don't feel like having people come to your house? I have a cheap solution for $30 and it will all be gone! Idaho's Largest Garage Sale.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, Saturday, May 20 at Expo Idaho.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale Is Back! This is a rough look above on how the layout sets up. ILGS will host 15,000 plus customers who want to buy YOUR stuff. There is no other way unless you want to make pretty neon signs, drive around the city to post them on corners, make some lemonade, and sit in your garage ALL DAY! Sounds like so much fun and make sure I get an invite yo!

Ttake my advice, spend $30 dollars on a space at Expo Idaho, Saturday May 20 and be done by noon. Period. How many people will come through your neighborhood sale? Let's just say you have free ice tea WHOOP WHOOP! You would be lucky to get 100? Right? Then you have to negotiate prices and blah blah. Add 15,000 customers and maybe you can mark up those prices a bit and make more cash.

Here's the best part! Whatever you don't sell - leave it. They will donate it and the trucks will be standing by. Booooom! This is so easy and they've added some celebrity appearances to help drive even more traffic to your booth.

Barry Weiss 1

Barry Weiss from A&E's hit show, "Storage Wars" will be visiting to help sell your stuff! Well, I don't know about that - he might just buy it though! Come at least meet Barry, sell your stuff that you've been procrastinating to get rid of, and let's get ready for Summer! Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is back!


How much are booths? $30 dollars and you can get full details HERE.

What if I just want to come shop? I have all that information HERE.


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