As we kickoff the 10th year of Live for 175, I had a chance to meet some pretty incredible people Day 1! 

On Saturday, Erin brought out her crew from Iowa Elementary School in Nampa.  Erin first cycled to break the cycle of abuse as an individual at Live for 175 last year and was so inspired by the event that she had to share it with the other faculty members.

Erin tells us that the school is very passionate about the well being of their students and that the teachers, counselors and everyone else who works at the school strive to see the kids grow, learn and develop into positive individuals who succeed.

Working in the education field, the staff at Iowa elementary sees situations involving both abuse and neglect of their students.  Working with the kids one on one on daily basis, they become more than just students to Erin and her friends.  They want to help and protect them in anyway possible.  Like so many of the stories you hear on the air during Live for 175, some of their students feel like they don't have a "voice" to speak up about what they're going through at home.  They're goal is to speak up for those kids.

After Live for 175, they'll continue to spread the message"It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child" by helping any of their students in need.  Sometimes they are a child's only hug that say, the only kind and friendly worlds of encouragement they hear and the first smile to see in the morning.  They stand by their students whole heartedly because "it shouldn't heart to be a child."


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