Cinco De Mayo is all about tacos, enchiladas, queso and tequila right? Fourth of July is all about fireworks, McCall, boats, flags, barbecues and the day we celebrate our independence. I have more Spanish listeners get this wrong so if you think you knew, guess again!

It's funny how celebrate things with calling attention to what a celebration is really about. I think we've assumed the fifth of May is like the fourth of July. Actually, it's not. The fifth day of May is NOT the day Mexican gained their independence. I know. I know. You can still drink those 2 for 1 specials on Margaritas and load up the nachos.

Cinco De Mayo is...we'll let's be honest. I'm have zero credentials to explain what it's really about. That's why I've grabbed our friend Zizly from sister station Wow Country 104.3fm.

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