It's National Puppy Day and we're barking up the blogs with your photos! This is a great way to call attention to help save those orphaned puppies today.

Second Annual Pencils Of Promise Gala
Getty Images for Pencils of Promise

National Puppy Day Around The Country Kicks-Off Today!

I wouldn't say this is an earth shattering day that we need to stop everything. This is a great way to detox the drama in our lives, the scary politics, negative people, and look at an innocent little puppy. National Puppy Day is also a reminder to families that there are alot of pups that need families. NPD calls attention to saving orphaned puppies around the globe.

Kekeluv BMF #1

I think we can all agree that there is something about a puppy that turns a dude into a little boy on contact. That's from my perspective or is that just what happens to me? You will always catch me drop to a knee instantly when it comes to puppies! I would suggest getting in a dog's face, but that puppy love is unbelievably innocent. We get pretty busy and sometimes they pay the poor price of being neglected. It happens. My wife and I welcomed our first chilld who is now two years old and it's definitely been an adjustment for our weenie dog. Ace is no longer the baby in the family and it's up to us to make sure he knows we still love him.

Lennox with Ayla

This is our son Lennox with his baby buddy, Ayla. She's a big girl and a puppy at that. I'll list a few options for adopting puppies if you're looking. National Puppy Day is also an awareness campaign for puppies in need of a home.

Let's say you already have a puppy or dog. Have you entered our Mutt Madness Bracket Challenge? We've teamed up with Emerald Street Kennels to bring the first doggy bracket in the Treasure Valley with some big prizes. Get your details here and hurry up. Submissions end this Friday. Mutt Madness 2017

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