It's 2023 and most of us have probably heard of a controversy or two about someone's Halloween decorations in their yard being "too much."

But what does that actually mean?

The time of year when (almost) anything goes

Halloween is one of the most versatile excuses someone could use to push things to the edge. Whether it's a costume that has you wanting to show a little more skin than normal or it's going all out with a gory set-up in your front yard, Halloween makes all of that fine and dandy.

It's just once a year - why not, right?

That brings us to the decorations that people are selling on Boise's Facebook Marketplace. When we say that these decorative items could be "taking it too far", we're using basing that on two things:

  1. How bad will you scar the small child walking up to your house for some candy?
  2. Will you scare someone to the point of where they could be... "offended"?

And, look, we know "people shouldn't be offended by everything" but let's be real - if any of our spouses give us a jump scare, we're typically not happy about it.

Let's look at the top 13 Halloween decorations that might be taking things too far based on our criteria. Do you agree?

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