I think we found a new co-host. We're having a baby! Saying that out loud seems to feel somewhat like it's real. Welcome to my life on the radio and in my home. We are really having a 👶🍼

I'm Kekeluv from the one half the morning show on 103.5 Kissfm. I'm telling you that in case you're new to the Treasure Valley or maybe you've never heard of this station. Let me introduce you to our little family and this major news.

Did I mention we're having a baby? Did I also relay to you that I'm am absolutely scared out of my mind right now? I'm not even sure if it's possible to explain that - my wife is having a BABY! First of all, we're so very happy! Let me take you back 10 weeks ago to show you that I'm kinda of a guy that needs more research - proof.

It's not like I didn't believe my wife. You notice how that first one kinda looks faint? Yea, I'm a guy and have no clue. You can obviously see by the very thorough work my wife put in on those sticks - we pregnant baby!

Correction: My wife is having a baby and there is no way I understand what that must be like - bokay! It just sounds better with WE.

My wife has been so sick and that's why I feel like it's a girl. No doubt. Our son Lennox was so easy (so she says) and this little person is definitely letting Paige know - I'm coming!

I haven't told many people and I'm just so scared to be honest. Lennox is three years old and he's our little miracle. I'm in love with that kid and everyone tells you all things you think you already know. I was so wrong. I had no idea.

I guess my biggest fear is loving another. Can I love a little boy as much as Lennox? What if it's a girl? Will Lennox feel like he's being pushed out? I know these are silly but I'm truly struggling deep inside with this. Lennox went through so many health complications the first few years and I think we hurdled those obstacles. I wholeheartedly believe his health engraved us with a different kind of bond that can't be explained. Can I share that kind of love with another little life?

Photo by: Kekeluv

There is one thing for sure. Boy or girl, this little one will have the best mother they could ask for. My wife can touch your soul with words and put you in your place as well. Paige is a wonderful mother and wife - she will be fantastic! I just pray for a healthy pregnancy for Paige and the baby. We'll tackle everything else later.

Don't be surprised if I look to you for help in the upcoming months. I try to be the best at everything but have also realized perfection doesn't exist. Something will suffer and I'm going to be asking for your calls to direct me into not sitting in the backseat of a car during dates. I'm serious. I realize that's 16 years away but if this is a girl. You betta believe daddy reckoning will commence. Let me give you an example and please - forgive the vulgarity but this is kind of how it plays out in my mind.

If that clip offends you in any way I apologize but don't bother posting your complaints anywhere. I don't let that stuff get to me and maybe that's what gives me hope. I'm a great dad and damn proud of it. I'm sure I could be a BETTER husband to my wife without a doubt and better son to my mothers. I guess I haven't figured out how to spread the love on time. I'm a work in progress when it comes to that but I'm really trying hard. I want to be the best father AND husband.

Photo by: Todd Meier

I've been doing radio for a while now and this is what you taught me. Marriage, love, and family is hard work keeping it together. It's not at all what you think from the outside looking in. Every husband and wife have different struggles because no situation is alike. Our son Lennox was rushed to the hospital before age one after suffering a ruptured ulcer. You don't know what it's like to look at your son in the eyes knowing that every second counts at that moment. Life takes on new meaning when your baby is solely in the hands of doctors, nurses and the god you believe in. You stand helpless with your wife realizing life just took a different turn.

Am I babbling? That's what I do on-air sometimes and it's only because I love it. I love my family and I'm ready to welcome a new little baby boy or girl. I accept the responsibility to guide them in being wonderful, selfless, kind, loving, generous, and just a good person. We need more good people in life, don't we?

Thanks for letting me share this moment with you and allowing me into YOUR life every day. I'm truly proud of calling Idaho my home and the people I get the privilege of speaking with each day my OTHER family. You've watched my son grow up and now we're adding (like Dj Khaled says) ANOTHA ONE!