If you would have asked me six years ago my thoughts on kids and marriage, I probably would have told you I missed my moment. I really believed that moving around from the United States Navy, Alaska, Washington, Memphis, to Boise was kind of a deal breaker for relationships.

I never really knew what I wanted but I was positive that radio would in my future. I have been in love with this career since day one and that was my main love. Fast forward to today and I'm married to a wonderful wife beyond imagination, I'm a father to the perfect little boy and now my wife and I have a little girl on the way. Yes, It's a girl 💖

My wife has gone through her share of health issues, my son's first few years have been a rollercoaster with his health and most recently I spent the weekend in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke's in Meridian. Needless to say, we got bills!

Lennox at St.Luke's Children's Hospital

That said, we've got so much love between the three of us that nothing will stop us. You add the family support and nobody is luckier.

We're Expecting a Baby Girl and I'm Petrified

I'm not scared about having a girl because that's what I wanted. It doesn't matter but I thought a little girl for my wife would be so awesome. I'm just still afraid of the dynamic of loving another child as much as I love this one. One day you might read this little angel and please understand that we want you so much. I hope you can understand that daddy just doesn't want to mess this up. I've done a pretty good job with our Lennox and I'm just worried that he might feel left out - that can't happen.

Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

Everyone tells me that I'll be fine and this little girl is going to get just as much love. I know this but it's still scary. The #1 most important thing is really my wife and daughter's health. I just pray for a healthy wife and daughter when this is all done. Paige is just an unbelievable mother but not really I guess. She was brought up by a mother and father that raised 5 other girls. I doubt very seriously that we would ever run out of enough guidance when it comes to raising this little lady. I'm just so thankful. I know that nothing is promised in life and that even with all of our health complications that we are very blessed.

There will be a new member of this family come September/October. She will be my daughter and for that, I'm truly thankful. I'm not sure what hurdle God will lay in our path but I'm positive that my faith will keep me centered. I'm working the mornings again, searching for a new co-host and rebuilding a team at work. My wife and I have been down this path before. This is about to be a bumpy few months down the home stretch but there's no such thing as easy.

I will be opening up my phones and social media for advice. I know we have plenty of strong women in our family but I love the input from the other family members that I call community. I've grown to love the people in this city and will enjoy sharing these moments with you. So much more to come but I just want to let you know - IT'S A GIRL!!!!

Check out our little Lennox in his video debut - just one day old.

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