When I was studying at Gonzaga University, voting in my first presidential election was a really exciting thing for me. I truly believe that voting is our civic duty---just think of how many nations around the world DON'T have a say in their political system. We're blessed to live somewhere where our voice matters. That said, when I voted--I didn't get a super cool sticker...I had to mail my ballot in. I was an absentee voter.

Absentee voting takes place and is an option for YOU if you're unable to vote on election day or even if it's just more convenient for you to mail in your selections. I get it, you're busy--we all are...take advantage of THIS opportunity to make your civic duty to vote!

As long as your request for an absentee ballot is in by today and you're a registered voter, you can have a ballot mailed to your home to fill out and send right back to Ada County!

For more info, click HERE.

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