Ever since joining Keke in mornings here about six months ago, he's talked about these Jackpot bus trips. He's really talked it up. Now it's finally happening this week.. and you can come!

Imagine this: meet us here at the station to take off by 4:30p on Thursday. Party bus down to Jackpot, Nevada with three buses full of people who can't wait to party. We gamble. We eat great food. We see Chippendales. We party some more. Then we go to sleep for as lonnnnggg as we want (well- you can.. Keke and I will be up at our normal 3:30a to do our show live from the casino). You spend your morning however you want. We take off on the party (or sleep) buses at noon and are back to the station in the early afternoon so you've still got your Friday evening to do whatever you want!

All of that.. for you and a friend.. for only $130! $65/person! That's such a dope deal.



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