Mom decides to take a bath and daddy has EVERYTHING under control That's what I tell myself, but it seems that is not ACTUALLY the case. This is what happens when our Lennox finds the refrigerator.

This is our son playing in the kitchen.
This is our son playing in the kitchen.

This is our son Lennox playing in the kitchen with mommy earlier in the day. I'm telling this kid is the best thing that ever happened to me. I never thought it would open me up to so many things I never had a clue about. I think the most shocking to me is how much in love that we both are with him. Lennox is definitely what we live for every day.

You'll notice that this little guy is playing store with mom while I'm at work. I'm sure most kids love to do the same whether it's opening and closing or always turning on the faucets. The valve opening is following by a quick closing too!

Lennox has been in and out of the hospital since he was born a few years ago. I think Paige and myself are still trying to get him to the point that he can consistently go out and just play. I feel excellent about his progress and hoping that his system is learning to battle what life throws at him. This little mom is just the best of the best. Lennox is super sweet, caring, silly, funny, and is interested in EVERYTHING!

I took a quick video of Lennox while Paige was taking a bath and soaking for a few. I could just hear her now and probably like most moms,

I leave for a few minutes and this happens....

Only seconds passed, and Lennox was in the refrigerator. I only heard, "Beer dad?" That's when I grabbed my phone. I have hours of Lennox doing things like this. That's when I figured I'd started uploading them with the title, "Daddy Diary."

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