Live For 175 celebrates ten years this Saturday and I'll be sharing some special photos to commemorate the Treasure Valley. You might even see yourself in some of these great shots. This was my seven day fast on the billboard in Downtown Boise.

7 Day Fast 356

We begin the 10th year of standing up against child abuse in the Treasure Valley this Saturday. I'm very proud of what we've been able to accomplish and the lives touched. Child abuse is part of a vicious cycle that if not broken will continue throughout life. We stand up for 175 hours to push this message, reach people that may be in a dark place, and hopefully inspire someone to tell.

I will be posting throwback photos all week and don't forget to sign-up to cycle to break the cycle of abuse this Saturday, April 22 at the Village at Meridian. I post a kiss of kindness link that will direct you to sign-ups and details.

The hardest part of doing this event each April (Child Abuse Prevention Month) is keeping listeners engaged. You have to get their attention and the first year, mission accomplished. I stayed up for seven days without sleep and somehow studdered my way to the end. How do you top that the following year? I didn't want this event to always be about me or focused around something that I was doing. We broke the Guinness Book of World Records two times but declined to make it official from Guinness. Live for 175 isn't about one person, a radio station, and definitely not about crazy stunts. That's where Cycle to Break The Cycle comes in.

Let's go back to 2011 when we built a box, debuted our hot air balloon, the Boise State Band, a billboard and the most amazing community. This was seven days of fasting live in Downtown Boise.

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