What happens when you don't sleep for seven days? I can tell you because this is where our child abuse prevention event started. I wish you could speak with our team because there version would probably be different. Check out year one of Live For 175.

7 Days Without Sleep 187

The first year of Live For 175 was most important. We had no idea what kind of reception this would receive. Would listeners change the radio? Was child abuse not a problem here? Would our corporate office stop it in the middle due to my instability? Would I complete staying awake for seven days without sleep? Brain issues? We had a ton of reservations believe me.

The ultimate decision was on me and what kind of mental ability I personally had to pull this off. There's a reason why staying awake for 7 days without sleep during a broadcast was a Guinness World Record.

Sidenote: I was doing a television interview in studio on day four when I almost quit. I was so exhausted, zero energy, and emotionally drained. I took a phone call and a woman asked me if I was okay. She had been watching me online nonstop and could see that I wasn't going to make it. This sweet lady asked me not to quit. She said please don't quit on ME. I remember this moment like it was yesterday,

Kekeluv, are you okay? I'm watching you and it looks like you're not going to make it. Can you do me a favor? Please don't give-up. Don't quit on me because I need you. I'm one of the people you're staying up for and I need you to pull it together. You have to finish this for me and everyone else. Promise me...

That was the moment I needed to power on and get another boost of energy. We finished breaking that record and touching so many people. The phones in the studio really caught fire about three days in and never stopped ringing. We learned that child abuse is where it starts and that spirals into a cycle that we must break. Check out some photos from year one. Pay close attention to the advances in technology over the last ten years. Photo quality is definitely different on the photos from your phone.

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