I received a letter from a listener about her first kiss and it was so sweet. This started a conversation with my co-workers about what they WOULD have done in that puppy love moment. 

I call this the getting older moment or should we say, mature.  I was reading a letter from a girl about to take the college route of life. She has become this independent, strong young woman since her breakup. That said, she still has that flicker in the corner of her heart that makes her wonder. Is there still a spark?

This created a stir with our staff and expressions start to fly all over the place. There was no absence of opinion when trying to give this girl some advice. I was JUST listening Louis Tomlinson's new song with Bebe Rexha called, "Back to You." First, it's just really good and the song is soooooo honest. This is the story of relationships that no matter how much you drive each other away - you keep coming back.

Relationships divide us and bring the love birds back to the nest. Watch this group try to explain and give their younger selves advice.

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