Sunday was family day at Live for 175 and we were so glad to see so many familiar faces that have become our family over the past 10 years of Live for 175! 

If you look through Keke's throwback Live for 175 photos, you'll notice that the second time he stayed awake I'm creeping in the back of some of them in a very business like outfit.  He actually flew me down from a research conference that I was at in Missoula to visit Boise, see if I liked it and see if I liked the station during Live for 175 - Year 3.

I remember meeting Logan, one of our superstar techs, when he was shorter than me and had bleached blonde hair.  He's at least a head taller than me now and started working for the station last year.

Then there's little Emma that used to call Keke and I in the morning almost every day on the way to school.  She always had the best stories and we loved going behind to scenes of what it was like to be a kid again! She's 13 now and one of the most stylish young ladies I've ever met!

And of course there's another Emma who we love to death! If you've seen a little blonde girl dragging me down Parkcenter during Race for the Cure every year, that's Emma.  She's living with Cystic Fibrosis, but you'd never know by her huge smile and contagious energy! She's grown up so much in the last few years since we met her and her sister Brooke!

...and the list goes on! It's been so cool to see these little ones grow up around Live for 175 and spread the it shouldn't hurt to be a child to their friends and classmates.  You can see a lot of out friends that have become family in this gallery!

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