"OMG! I saw this on This is Us!" 

Keke just stared at me when I yelled that and pointed to the green sticks in the hands of our cyclists from Elevate Mind Body Studio.  If you follow the series, you remember the emotional scene where Kate had a breakdown about her father's death at weight loss camp.  She broke down during a fitness class where the students were using these hug weighted drumsticks as part of the workout.  Turns out that it's called "Pound Fitness" and it brought a ton of fun to the Live for 175 stage on Day 4!

Speaking of getting in a workout as we fight Child Abuse, Erin from CycleBar came out to Fountain Square to lead us through an actual class as we cycled to break the cycle!  If you've never been to a class there, it really is like a dance party on bikes.  Those who've been watching the web cam have seen me dance and know that I have absolutely no rhythm at all, so me trying to master the choreography as we cycled was pretty hilarious.  At one point, I looked into the studio and saw Keke and Mateo just about falling over from laughter.  I couldn't hear what they were saying, but later found out they were comparing my attempt to be coordinated to April the giraffe's baby being born.  (I mean, they weren't wrong.)

Check out photos as we got a good workout and worked out for good on Day 4 below!

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