The Western Idaho Fair is almost here and we have your free passes all week. This is my official 'gangsta lean' story about my late, late goldfish.

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The Western Idaho Fair is back with the famous Idaho Potato Ice Cream, Summer Snow Shack, Elephant Ears, Pronto Pup and more. This is also a place where so many of us have memories no matter how old. The Fair is one of those places that you can trace back to childhood in any city. Most of us won a goldfish on one day and flushed it back to see Nemo with Dory on the next.

I won a goldfish at the Western Idaho Fair about 8 years ago and that little guy lasted over 2 years. True story. I'll admit to being somewhat sad that I let him. The tank, it just got too dirty one weekend I was away. Unfortunately, he just didn't make it.  I took him down to the Parkcenter Pond, placed him on one of those big flat leaves that you see frogs jump on and shoved him out to sea. In this case, in the middle of the lake. This is the other true part, I bought a 40 of Old English and poured one out for my homie.

That's a true story and to make the story better, I didn't video any part of it. You won't find any of it on social media. 🐟

Wanna start new memories at this year's Western Idaho Fair? I plan to take our son so he can throw the balls, the rings on the bottles, and that gold fish games. PLEASE, NO GOLDFISH!!!!

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Western Idaho Fair Details.

  • Opens August 18-27
  • Ages 6-11 = $4 admission
  • Ages 21-61 = $7 admission
  • Ages 62+ $5 admission
  • Ages 5 and under are free.
  • Carnival Wristband $25

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