Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

We made it! I attended my first big kid event with my wife and son as a parent. I've hosted years of events from The Boise Music Festival, Live for 175, Movie Premieres, and the Canyon County Kids Expo. This is the first as a parent and what an experience. Let me start by saying how impressive these people were. This will be my #Kissofkindness today.


The parents had unbelievable patience, fun, and silliness that was infectious. I saw dads dressed up as Romeo and a gazillion Pj Masks all over the Idaho Center. Moms were heroes holding hands with kids and balancing all the treats walking in that crazed foot traffic. I witnessed a dad get his son some Pj Masks gear and fold to get him more because "Is that what you REALLY want? Well, okay it's your day!"

The more and more I learn about parenting the better understanding on sacrifice that I get. People are willing to do anything to make a kid smile. That said, I saw a major tantrum take place because mom said no more. I felt for her and applauded her at the same time. Parents were standing up dancing and made this about their kids. It was pretty awesome!

Idaho Center Staff

I'm not sure if they were for the Idaho Center or Pj Masks. I saw several staffers show such patience and professionalism. The ladies selling Pj Masks merchandise were so awesome with each child. I witnessed them willing to let kids play with items, trade them, and simply make it about THEM. Kudos!

I had a few problems with our list that had winners on it. The staffer I believe it was (Deanna) and she was ideal in that role with a smile. She solved our problem and handle others with no issue or frustration. I watched one of the heads of security help out a dad get his kid to meet Pj Masks and other thank us all the way out to the car. I wasn't wearing logos or anything that gave me credentials over anything. I was just a fan like everyone else.

Thanks again to everyone who made sure we had our first great experience. This was Lennox's first big event and while he was a bit intimidated - he won't stop talking about Catboy!

Pj Masks


What is Pj Masks About?

The live show is based on the top animated series that airs daily on Disney Junior. This is a show about three friends that encounter problems during the day and then all turn into superheroes at night. These little friends dress up in their hero pajamas and head out on the streets to fight crime against the Night Ninjas, Luna girl, and Romeo.

These are the types of things that I'm really enjoying about being a dad. We sing these songs before bedtime and our son gets to choose which PJ MASKS he wants to bring in bed. This is a cute show for little ones because it's fun and the lessons are positive. I'm not sure If I like it more or Lennox.

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