The day I flew into Boise to meet and interview with Keke, he kept telling me about this Chippendales party bus they were going on later that week. And I haven't stopped hearing about these trips since.

Last week I finally embarked on my first KISS FM party bus down to Jackpot, Nevada for some gambling, drinking and seeing the beautiful men of Chippendales.

The whole trip was an experience. The women on the party bus came fully prepared with coolers of alcohol, mixers and even salt!

I envisioned Jackpot as a much smaller situation than it was. There were a few casinos that we saw outside of Cactus Pete's where we stayed.

Keke and I were doing our show live on Friday morning, so we grabbed a few girls to do some breaks with us. I spotted these three girls walking in and knew they'd be fun on the air. Derricka, Gabby and Shayne were SO fun! We ended up having some shots with them and watching the Chippendales together. They really made the trip for me.

Okay- Chippendales did not disappoint. The guys were all ridiculously attractive. Like outrageously attractive. Bodies and faces on 10 and their dance moves were so much better than I anticipated! The choreography was on point and a couple of the guys even sang. Who knew.

Overall, the ~20 hour trip was way worth it. I can't wait for the next one in summer! If you haven't been on one of these trips with us, definitely think about it for the pool party in August!



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