I'm learning more and more each day about the things that seem obvious, but aren't even close. I bought some Lincoln Logs thinking we'd build houses and play together. WRONG! I shot a video, and you must see what I'm talking about.

There is NO question about how much I adore my son. We've gone through so much regarding his health that it does put things in perspective. We just got back from the hospital to go over more tests, and things look great! That doesn't mean we have so many other questions, but for the time being, he's doing so much better.

I grew up with Lincoln Logs, and my wife always says we should get him some. Those little wooden things are hella expensive! I came across some at Walmart in a tub for about $30 that included a ton of pieces. The logs come in a container which is perfect for storing them. I just love playing with this little boy. Lennox is such a happy kid, and it's just inspiring watching him grow. I just bought these for having fun but didn't even think about the coordination of building things. I think anything that doesn't involve a digital device is awesome! Digital is what it is, and we'd better get used to our kids being plugged in 24/7. That being said, find some old school toys and why the hell not! Don't give up too quick.

Here's a quick little video of us playing with the Lincoln Logs. Lennox doesn't understand what to do with them yet, and that's why I was teaching him. The only problem was he kept knocking them down, and that's why I shot this video. Enjoy!

I know life is busy and everyone is entirely different. If you can disconnect for a few moments and play a little game with your kids this weekend, don't hesitate. I always wanted to play catch with my dad, but it was hard due to work. There is a study out that says could are happier playing with their parents than picking up a video game. Food for thought.