I had the quickest ~55 hours in Seattle this weekend.. and it was PACKED. I never understand how I do as much as I do in one weekend away.

My friends are getting married next month, and I'm officiating their wedding! I've never officiated before, but when they asked me last spring, I was honored and got ordained! Side note: getting ordained is literally just filling something out online. Anyone can easily become ordained. Properly executing the wedding is a different story, but I think it's going to go flawlessly.

Friday they had their walk-through at their Seattle venue. I flew in for it so I could get a feel for the space and rehearse with them since I can't make the actual rehearsal a couple days before the wedding. The venue is gorg and I'm so excited to be there on their wedding day!


Before going out Friday night, my best friend Shea and I finally made it to the new Amazon Spheres and had drinks at this super cute restaurant called Willmotts Ghost. Our goal was to find someone on Bumble who could swipe us into the actual spheres upstairs, but that didn't work out. Maybe next time.


Saturday I was on a mission to find the perfect officiant outfit. I tried on at least 829 dresses at Nordstrom Rack before finding this one and falling in love. It was on clearance, the only one and my size! It looked amazing. Then, as Shea was unzipping me, the zipper broke. Legit skipped some teeth in the zipper and was jammed, split, wouldn't zip up or down and just wrecked. We had to call for backup. We had three different employees trying to fix it + the alterations lady. She said there was no hope. It was a faulty zipper and just done for. I was so upset!

The next day, we peeped another Nord Rack in the area for a new clearance dress selection. I found one that was cheaper and I liked even more! Success. Sometimes, one thing falls apart because there's something even better on the horizon that you haven't discovered yet.

That's what I tell myself in all life situations, but specifically relationships.



Before going out Saturday night, I met up with my Grandma, Mom and aunt for dinner at this dope new vegan restaurant in Ballard called Papa's Hot Potatoes. It was adorable and the food was delish! Even GMo is a fan.


Saturday night I met up with a group of friends for some bar hopping in Greenlake and Ballard with the dopest Uber ride in between. There's a 7th wheel in this photo, I won't say who.


I love my weekends back in Seattle! I shove as much as possible into them because I miss my friends and fam and it's the best to hang with them as often as I do!

I'll be back in two weeks to officiate this wedding.. can't wait!



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