Be on the lookout for 2 men who tried to invade a home earlier this morning.  Lock your doors!  What you need to know.Keep an eye out for 2 men who tried to rob a Nampa home this morning.  Local officials said it was a random house that was chosen.  Lucky for one of those alert buttons on the popular, "I've fallen and can't get up..." commercials.  The elderly woman pressed it and scared off the burglars.

According to KTVB News Channel 7, you're looking for small silver or white pickup (Toyota possibly.)  Last seen at the Chevron on Greenhurst and Southside roads in Nampa. One is wearing a red shirt, the other is wearing a blue shirt.

Nobody was hurt and I bet you think twice next time you laugh at that commercial.  The alert button might of just saved her life!  Whoa.

Nampa police have indicated that these men are armed and dangerous.  If you see or have any details, contact 465-2203 or 343-COPS.  BE SAFE.


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