Well, that got your attention! Let me start by saying that I really want to try this out. I'd be interested if anyone knows about or uses this service. It seems we subscription base everything now. You can get your movies on Netflix, your groceries delivered right to your door, and even the clothes you wear delivered just in time for the weekend.

Think of all those things and nothing is more crucial than clean bedding. These are things we really don't put too much stock in because of the washer/dryer. Imagine if you wore the same shirt, pants, and everything in between each day. Ladies, could you wear the same panties every day for one year? Think how long it's been since you bought new bedding. Take another second and wonder how long you go before washing. I know right 😝

Coyuchi has just changed your bedding life! This is an organic subscription service that will send you everything from towels, sheets, and duvets at a pretty great monthly price. You can choose colors, sizes, and whether you want them every 6, 12, 24 months.

The cool aspect to this service is the recycle feature that allows you to send them back when you're done. Everything gets recycled! So, what's the catch right? I can't seem to find one. Here's the price breakdown on a quick look.

Colors on towels include Alpine White, Dune, Fog, Natural, Palest Ocean, Slate. The prices vary and just figured out how they make their money on these packages. The longer you subscribe the lower the price is. For instance, if you subscribe to 6 months of service it will put you in the $20+ range. Choose the 24-month service and that goes down significantly to the $5+ range. When you get to the sheets and duvets add a few dollars to around $7+. To give you an example: It's about $10 for a king size and $8.78 for queen size.

  • Towels: 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 wash clothes.
  • Sheets: 1 flat sheet, fitted sheet and set of 2 pillowcases.
  • Duvets: 1 duvet.

Does this have you interested? I have a feeling that you'll start to see more of these come to light as the company, Coyuchi takes off. If you do subscribe to this please update me. I would love to share this with everyone. I'm not being paid to promote or have received anything in return. I just thought this might be something cool to try and it's organic. They provide you shipping to send back after your time is up. Pretty smart.

You can get more details on their product page Coyuchi For Life Subscription.

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