As we prepare to launch Live for 175 for its eleventh year, there are so many ways for participation.

From volunteering which can consist of checking in riders and helping out the logistics of the event to RIDING and keeping our radio station ON THE AIR...everyone plays a role in this community-centered event.

Maybe you're far away. Maybe you're working around the clock. It doesn't matter where you're at because powered by Fiberpipe right here in Boise, you will be able to see this event in action, live, on our website.

With several different camera angles covered, all 175 hours of our LIVE broadcast will be online. Screenshot your friends on bikes or just live the event with us from your desktop computer or phone. It's that simple.

While we power this message from the Village at Meridian, we think it's really important that the very message you experience on the air and on-site spreads even further online--so we've brought this live stream back to life this year.

Watch the stream by clicking below!

Live for 175 Live Stream

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