This is a first and I'm jealous I didn't think of it first. The Coronavirus has pretty much shut down everything that you can do with multiple people.

I knew it would mess with bars, restaurants, concerts and any type of game attraction. I never thought about the one thing we all have in common, graduation. There will be no prom and zero graduations. That's not much of a celebration.

The Olive Garden or what we use to call, "The O.G." is promising to make a special prom make-over edit on your prom photos (that you don't even have.) I was reading an article form Travel + Leisure and I'm going to quote Stacey Leasca because it's just perfect.

Send in a photo of you and your "breadstick bae" for totally custom prom pic

A breadstick bae? You've gotta love that and I'll use it on the air forever thanks to you Stacey. I think this is a great move for Olive Garden and lets the students have fun with an event they can't even attend.

I love this quote, "With photo backdrops inspired by popular promo themes and featuring Breadstick walls and mint garlands, it will look just like they were attending prom together."

Does that do the trick for you? Here's what you need to know.

  • Take photos in your promo attire. Take a separate one of each and other together.
  • Send photos to @olivegarden using #OliveGardenProm on Twitter or DM in Instagram.
  • Send those photos in soon because the O.G. will be editing all month.

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