Congratulations to all our winners including some Kissclusive hook-ups thanks to the band. Peep what you missed.

Panic! at the Disco Doesn't Disappoint Fans in Idaho.

Thanks to Panic! at the Disco for granting a dream come true for a special fan. Panic! Turned out somewhere around 10,000 fans Sunday for a big show that didn't disappoint. You never know what shows will do right? Will it sell-out? Are they still hot? Does anyone care? What a mess if you're a concert or event promoter in 2017.

We gave away a few passes along with all the other shows being dropped on us and it was great! They say you don't remember the people that are nice to you or did something great. The ones you REALLY don't forget are the bad experiences. When was the last time you bragged to all your friends about how great service was at a restaurant? I bet you remember the terrible ones. I do! I'll be honest that one of my favorite spots broke my heart about six years ago. I've never been back. I'll go as far as last week when the kid in the drive-thru completely messed up my order two nights in a row AND forgot to take my money the second night. Yep! I said it, she forgot to take my money after messing up my simple order of a chocolate shake. How do you mess that up? I won't blast the place because it's not my style, but I canceled my order and lost my money. Terrible. I then drove across town just because I wanted one so bad and was pleasantly surprised. I gave her one of my 103.5 Kissfm hats right off my seat to say thanks. Great service!

Thanks to Panic! at the Disco for going above and beyond a performance. I could thank a few more, but I'll keep those names out to ensure it doesn't get anyone into trouble.

Katie is a superfan and this band means more to her that any of us will ever know. These guys are who she turns to when things get extremely hard to figure out. Each one of the members of Panic! at the Disco will NEVER judge this girl. They won't break her heart, make fun of her, and will continue to write songs that reach her. Katie will probably never forget this night because a few people that she might never meet worked all weekend to make sure her life was touched. How many people that you DON'T know would ever do that for you? Would you do it for someone that you never met? Makes you think.

I'm pretty big about supporting the people that care about our community. That means if the next time you hear about a group named, Panic! at the Disco, remember how they might have changed this girls life in a positive way. You could share that conversation and maybe watch the video or pay for one of their songs. The record industry may be the enemy to some of these bands including those fans who continue to steal the music. I would jump out to say the reason they keep writing, producing, and touring is for fans like Katie.

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