No Bueno! I haven't had to check my numbers in a few weeks because I keep seeing that giant sign that adds another few million. That would mean I didn't win. I seem to always play when the odds are at their complete worst! Why do we do it? Because someone has GOT to win and why shouldn't that be us? This is your sign!

Powerball is at it's second highest in history with the no winner on Saturday night. This means you could walk with $650,000,000 dollars by yourself. I would argue to say that no too bad for a buck and five minutes of standing in line. What would you do?

You need to get the Powerball app is what you should did! (yes I meant to spell it that way.) You can always download our new Kiss app. We'll send out the alert with winning numbers and details as well.

You need to play first! Drawing is Wednesday night and that means if you haven't bought a ticket by 7 p.m. that night - you will never know. I would also guess that jackpot is going to grow by hump day.


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