I received another call from a random person trying to buy and sell from me. He gave me some interesting information on how to get taken OFF these lists. This is a quick blog on how to get removed from spam. Hurry!



There used to be a time when having a cell meant nobody could reach you except your own contacts. That seems to have been changed most recently by the number of calls from random people I've spoken with. Let's take this one for instance regarding my home. I've gotten several calls from different real estate companies inquiring to purchase our home. Could this be that someone REALLY loves our house? No. I know this because I asked and here's what the guy told me.

I'd like to first say he was very nice and went beyond what most would have done. This guy called my cell from a local number and ask for me by name. I said this is him and this man went on his sales pitch that clients have reached out to purchase homes in my area. That's when he said, "are you selling?" I politely said no and then asked how he got my number. Surprisingly, he divulged all the details on the company and how it works. I couldn't really get mad at this dude because I get how it works. The best part is that he offered a solution and a website.

You can go to donotcall.gov and completely remove your personal information from all these services in a few clicks. This puts your information on a national registry to keep your information out! You can register up to three phone numbers and they never expire. This isn't a company site to get you on MORE spam services. This is the government and you're covered. I doubt this gets you off everything, but it's a start if you noticed random calls coming to your cell. Hope this helps.

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Looking to get rid of email spam? This one is awesome! I will screenshot my current spam status and you'll see how much I've removed. Click Here for Help on Unroll.me

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