I need to send this to every person that's every looked at me funny for having two cats.

A new study has determined that there's no such thing as a "crazy cat lady."

The findings, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, show that owning lots of cats doesn't mean a person is anxious, sad or mad. "We found no evidence to support the 'cat lady' stereotype: cat-owners did not differ from others on self-reported symptoms of depression, anxiety or their experiences in close relationships," the study states. "Our findings, therefore, do not fit with the notion of cat-owners as more depressed, anxious or alone."

CNN notes that the new study echoes a 2017 study from University College London, which likewise found no link between cat ownership and the development of psychotic symptoms.

I'd like to note that no one owns cats, cats essentially own you. Either way, let me reiterate: there is no link found between cat people and the development of psychotic symptoms. Finally. Why do people say that anyway?! Like someone can have 5 dogs are it's normal, but someone with a few cats is "crazy"? For what? Because people think cats are mean?

My theory has always been this: mean cats come from mean people. My cats are sweet angels because, well, look at their mom. Duh.

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