Some Taylor Swift fans have...a very active imagination, is how we'll say it.

Some fans believe Taylor Swift is coming to concert in Boise, and maybe even attending an upcoming Boise State game?

While we can't confirm either of those rumors, at least not yet, there is one rumor about Taylor Swift fans that we can 100% back up.

Maybe you're planning on dressing up as Taylor Swift for Halloween this year. Or, you and your girls are all going out dressed to the nines in your Swiftie gear, and you'd all like to grab a bite to eat before hitting the town.

Well, you're going to want to use some amount of discretion when it comes to selecting that perfect dining location. That's because on Meridian restaurant has taken it upon itself to no longer serve food, or drink, to Taylor Swift fans.

First of all, how do they identify a Swiftie? Clearly, wearing gear with her name on it is a giveaway, but what if I dress as revenge-era Taylor and it's a little less obvious? Do I get to eat by myself while my friends in their 1989 t-shirts have to wait outside?

Secondly, isn't this, like, against the law? Is it even legal to ban someone from your business simply based on what they're wearing? Especially if said outfit isn't even offensive?

The restaurant in question? That's right, Texas de Brazil at the Village in Meridian.

"Wait a minute, didn't they close a few months ago?" They sure did, and that's exactly why Taylor Swift fans aren't allowed to eat there!


Yes, this is satire! Sent it to that Taylor Swift stan in your life, or to your bff who you know is sick of hearing about her :)


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