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We just won the Mountain West Championship game against Hawai'i and was dealt the ultimate Bowl game to finish off 2019. The Broncos will face-off with former coach Peterson. Coach Pete just announced his resignation with the Huskies but will be coaching his final game against the Broncos.

You can't say the same for Coach Harsin's offensive coordinator, Zak Hill. The Arizona State Sun Devils just announced their new hire, Zak Hill. What? Zak has generated a ton of attention with assisting an offense averaging over 30 points a game and working with the three quarterbacks. This dude is legit and now he's out.

I'm no sports writer so I'm not sure what the reasoning is but why is it that coaches typically quit and exit before the bowl game? We saw Coach Pete do it and others we've played against. Coaches dip asap! So, BSU's offensive coordinator will not be coaching the offense or quarterbacks during the Las Vegas Bowl. Coach Harsin spoke on it.

We've learned ove rthe last several years that when you've had the kind of success that we've had, our assistnats are going to gernerate a lot of interest throughout the country...First things first - we have a owl to prepare for."

Coach went on to say they wish Zak the best but they have a game to play in Las Vegas. I agree with Harsin at this point. You gotta go, go. We gotta beat Pete because this game will be historic on so many levels.

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I'm not sure what kind of relationship the two coaches have but I can guarantee both coaches want this win. The Huskies love Coach Pete and wanna send him out with a big win. I'm sure Harsin wants this for so many other reasons.

The last time that these two met was on September 4, 2015. I heard that coach Peterson didn't want that game because it would be his first game as a Husky against a program he helped build. Pete wouldn't win this one and the Broncos would be victorious by a field goal, 16-13.

I'm not sure what to expect without our offensive coordinator in the bowl game but I wouldn't be too worried. This should be a fun game, quite a few trick plays and I'm wondering if coach Pete would try to pull a statue of liberty on the Broncos?

The Las Vegas bowl takes place on Saturday, December 21, 2019. If you're keeping track at home - that's this Saturday!

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