I came across a stocking stuffer or gift for Christmas that any beer drinker would LOVE. This does a few things and I'm only basing this off my personal experience with - myself 🍺 Get a Drinktank, 4 refills and a few custom glasses for $75.

Do the math on that because growlers aren't cheap. These Drinktank growlers are the bomb.com! Lost Grove Brewing is really only charging you for the Drinktank and giving you 4 refills on top of their customs glasses. That is an awesome gift!

Lost Grove Brewing just opened at 1026 S. LA Pointe Street in Boise. They brew everything in-house and landmark wise - located across from La Pointe off-campus housing. The reclaimed wood looks amazing with their copper bar top. Sit at one of their booths, table tops, or sit in the window. I love those garage-style windows that open when it's warm. This just opened weeks ago and you can watch them brew beer while having one.

Check out the Cheap Date.