Grocery shopping: There are a lucky few who actually enjoy the weekly chore, but for most of us, it's just that, a chore. We've heard about grocery delivery, but now I can speak from experience.

"There's an app for that!"--- No, really, there is. Believe it or not, there are people who love grocery shopping so much, they are willing to do yours for you!

The new Instacart app does the hard work for you! My wife and I have used this grocery delivery service several times now, and have never waited more than an hour to receive our order! I mention that because several services give you a deadline and it's usually 12-24 hours. We ordered a few bags tonight and the shopper was fantastic. Did I mention this ISN'T a paid advertisement? That's how you know I'm keeping it real with everyone.

Since becoming a Dad, I have learned that some days, sending someone else your grocery list can be a lot easier than the hassle of fighting your busy toddler through a store. Maybe some days, you'd just rather stay home and spend that time with family on a weekend. Instacart is especially helpful to my wife this time of the year. With snow and icy roads headed our way, (say it isn't so) the thought of having groceries delivered to the front door is appealing, to say the least! Or what about sick days? When you just need a few things to make a nice batch of soup? I've found this equally appealing for those later nights when I'm trying to find everything on a list and just can't focus. Speaking of - where are the damn olives!

Just send your shopping list to your personal Instacart shopper!

Cool features with the Instacart app:

*You have your choice of several stores in our area: Albertson's, Whole Foods, Costco! You can even have your pets' necessities delivered to your door from Petco! We most recently found out our son has allergy issues with soy, gluten, and dairy. Natural Grocers is our new spot for some great Allergen sensitivity items and that's on the delivery list.

*Simply select your items, pay, and have your choice of delivery windows to choose from! Making groceries fit into YOUR schedule!

*As soon as your order is received, you will be notified that your personal Instacart shopper has started shopping! Even better? You can communicate with them the entire time, just in case you forgot an item, or would like to replace an item! This was one of my favorite parts because they will contact you for a replacement item. It's like being a Kardashian. C'mon, when have you ever seen them go to the grocery store?

Life gets busy. Am I right? The next time you're scrambling to fit everything in, give Instacart a try! Scratch another "to-do" off of your list! Why not hand your grocery list to someone else this week?


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