We're pretty fortunate in the Boise area to be home to some really cool concerts every single year:

The list goes on and on. While we don't always get every big tour coming to Idaho's capitol (hey Taylor, what's good?), you can usually bet on most nationwide tours to make a stop somewhere in Idaho that's drivable from Boise.

You know how we said not every big tour has a pin in Boise on their map? Unfortunately, that applies to one of the hottest (and one of our personal favorite) artists on the planet in 2024.


Kane Brown.


Kane Brown Nampa/s Ford Idaho Center 10-08-2021, Photo by Nikki West
Kane Brown Nampa/s Ford Idaho Center 10-08-2021, Photo by Nikki West




While Kane has blessed us with his vocal stylings live in concert before, his 2024 is completely skipping the state of Idaho. Yes, we're bummed about it too.

But why? While we don't have the official reasoning for Kane Brown's 2024 tour skipping Boise & Idaho, one can only assume it was something simple:

  • Scheduling conflict
  • No available venue (or no available venue that's big enough)
  • Low ticket sales
  • The path of the tour on the road

Are we going to see Kane Brown return to Boise like, ever? Probably. We've at least got our fingers crossed.

If you missed it when Kane performed here in April of 2023, there were a few surprises that you may want to catch up on!

If you're still here, you're clearly a big fan of the guy. Can you recite these top 20 songs by heart?

20 Kane Brown Songs Every Fan Has Memorized

Kane Brown has built himself quite the career: He's come a long way since 2015, when he released his first single, "Used to Love You Sober." Prior to that, Brown was covering other country stars' songs for social media. Now, he is a star, with nine No. 1 hits under his belt, including a special duet with his wife Katelyn. There's no ceiling to this Tennessee boy's success!


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