Since when did bath bombs become the rage? My wife, her sister's and even nieces are bout it - bout it. Looks like we've already gotten our son some for Christmas. Could there be a "bath bomb phenomenon" or am I just getting to the party late? I'm sure it's on me but better late then never right? 

Cosset Therapy Bombs in Boise Towne Square Mall

I was doing some shopping before the Star Wars: Last Jedi and walked past this amazing aroma. I looked to my left and gravitated towards these little balls filled with the best scents. I looked around and realized I was the only guy - I was in a bath bomb store. It's obvious I was interested, intrigued, and drawn to the fresh scents but pretty shy. Yes, I can be shy when I'm by myself. I put my phone back in my pocket and decided to come back later.

I left the Kissfm studios around 5:30 p.m. and went back to that spot so I could get some cool pictures. That's when I realized it was officially one week until Christmas Eve. Parking at Khol's I was able to snag a spot in the far back, glided over the iced parking lot and followed the scent back to Cosset.

I was luckily helped by this super sweet, Taylor Swift looking assistant who made Cosset Therapy Bombs her first job. She was awesome and can't find her name because it was covered in the photo I took. The entire staff was great and so knowledgeable about these bath bombs. I think the most interesting deal was the "therapy" bombs and that each bomb means something to someone. These bombs are personal and do more than just keep you clean or smell good. Feeling down? They've got a bomb. You need to see it for yourself but I loved it!

Looking for a Christmas gift? Grab one of these cylinders for $28 dollars and be a star! Take a look at some of the photos I took and check out their website for a full list of their therapy bombs. Cosset has only been open for a little over a month. Peeps some Christmas sales.

  • Buy 5 tubes and get 1 free. That's about $3 dollars off each tube saving you $43 dollars!
  • Buy 3 or more tubes and receive $3 dollars off.

*** I'm not getting paid to tell you this. Cosset Therapy Bombs isn't a Kekeluv endorsed product and that's why you should check it out!

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