It's called an "earthquake" because it happens underground. So what the heck happened above Twin Falls? It's a good old fashioned mystery.

Experts are baffled by what could've caused numerous "sonic boom" type-sounds that came from the sky above Twin Falls on Sunday night. A ton of local residents heard the sound around 8:05 p.m., taking to social in media in droves to find out what was going on. Sara Bloss from Twin Falls elaborates:

It shook my entire house. It freaked me out. I went to my bedroom window and looked outside but I didn’t see anything, and then I went outside.

So, what the heck was it? The most common theories floating around are:

  • A sonic boom from a plane
  • Unidentified explosion
  • Aliens
  • Meteor crashing

A city spokesman for Twin Falls confirmed, based on seismic graphs, that it was not an earthquake, leaving experts even more confused. Apparently, this isn't the first time this unexplained phenomenon has taken place. For years, Twin Falls residents have reported hearing what they've dubbed "skyquakes" above their homes.

What have we learned? It's obviously aliens.


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