This should be like a manual for women that have fallen victim to the ever so popular technique, ghosting. We'll go over some texts you might get and tell you what they REALLY mean. This is your preventative manual.

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What A Guy Really Means: Texting

The Art of Ghosting and How Not to Fall for It.

Disclaimer: This is a "reintextment" situation. The two individuals portrayed in this conversation are not real lovers, barely real people, but known as Cruise & Box (morning show on 103.5 Kiss FMm). No feelings were harmed in the making of this ghosting text situation.

Ghosting isn't something new, but is embarassing when you fall for it. No offense to my bros, but dudes are definitely the worst offenders. Ask a female what she's doing tonight and you might find that she's hanging out with her girlfriends. Go find a guy and he's hitting the clubs with his boys. Take one second to ask this additional question and you'll hear two different answers. Trust me. I'm a dude.

Guys, "We're hitting the gym and gonna roll out tonight. Gonna hook up TONIGHT!"

Girls, "So, we're meeting up for dinner at 6:30 and then one of our girls from out of town in visiting, we'll meet her for drinks around 8:00, then maybe going dancing."

Guys are just different from girls. This is where it gets really distant between males and females.


This is a great example of the modern booty call gone NOWHERE. We also refer to this as Ghosting. You'll notice the male species was obviously looking for a hook-up and in that moment while realizing his options were at Hannah's, another female came into play and therefore ignoring the booty call moment. This is a prime example of today's term, Ghosting.

Let me dissect this further for you and give you some play by play. You notice the guy goes fishing for a response from either an ex-girlfriend or booty call. Sup? That's a Friday night question of, what are you doing and are you available. That definitely doesn't mean, "Hey! How are you?"

Once the female responds with an almost SCREAM, "Chris! OMG...." the rest is history. Chris knows that she's out and available. There's no need to go back and forth because she turns into a stage 5 stalker once she sends 5 MORE TEXTS! Rookie mistake. Chris doesn't wanna grab coffee and a book. C-Dub wants to WAIT! looks like another girl just walked up and his options just got better. Considering you just blew up his phone, he's gotta plenty of time to work his other option.

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Chris obviously sealed the deal and poor Tawsha. She kept looking at her phone all night, turned down dancing with other guys, and completely ruined her night because she stood still waiting for the opportunity to be with CHRIS! Someone lock Tawsha up in a room and drop some throwback Taylor Swift or make her watch, I'm Just Not That Into You. You just got Ghosted!

Solution: Pay No Attention and You're Always Busy

The first problem is responding in the first place girl. A couple of things. Turn played into playa. You can respond but only to send a direct message that YOU have options. BE CAREFUL. Don't be that girl that tries to be OVER HAPPY. That's so annoying and SO not believable. You could respond with a simple, "hi Chris. Headed out to a party, hope all is well." That should be it. Nothing else. You ghost his ASS! Guys just want to make sure you're in play and we're so into ourselves thinking YOU are just waiting on us. You have to remember this and write it down. I don't care if you're sitting on your bed downing the entire Ben and Jerry's. You WILL be busy. Let him know that you're NOT in play for extra curricular activities for the evening. Be strong sister! You END the text, not him.

We'll go over how to get over your ex later. These are the few steps to not getting Ghosted. 

  1. Don't respond if you don't have to.
  2. You're ALWAYS busy. You are headed to the gym, business meeting, birthday party, and anything BUT, "mmm I'm just sitting around."
  3. DO NOT post those damn I'm so happy posts because we all know that's BS. You shouldn't have to tell us, show us. Taking a picture of you walking into the gym, yoga or a new dress will send a direct message.
  4. Bonus Tip: NO Responding after midnight. If you HAVEN'T deleted his number, WHATEVER YOU DO don't respond after midnight. You have NOTHING to talk about after both have several drinks. Nope. Abort.

Be strong sister.

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