Chances are you've been pulled over at least once in your life. I don't know what those actual chances are, but I know that I've been pulled over countless times myself. I used to speed, but now I'm grown and haven't been pulled over in like nine years that I can think of.

Justin Bieber was pulled over in Beverly Hills earlier this week for his tint being too dark and not having a front license plate on his blue lambo (first world probs). But, according to TMZ, he was polite, respectful and cooperated by saying he'd take care of the plate and get one for the front as soon as possible so he got off with a warning.

This leads me to my question- what have you done to get out of a ticket? I haven't been pulled over in nearly a decade, but I was riding shotgun when my best friend got pulled over in a speed trap on one of our national park road trips a couple years ago. It was the middle of nowhere, around the Colorado-Utah border I think, and the speed limit suddenly dropped. Of course there was a cop right there waiting for out-of-towners to not know about the speed change, and we got pulled over. Luckily, my bestie Shea had just taken her shirt off, and the cop was a little bit creepy and gave us a warning along with his business card "in case we needed any help while we're in town". Nice. Thanks for letting us off guy, but we're just passing through.

What have you done that got you out of a ticket??

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