What is the definition of Feminism? I grew up hearing that term but for some reason I thought it was used in a negative way. Actually, feminism was ALWAYS used in a negative way from what I remember.

That is unless you were using it for yourself. I watched the Oscars tonight and heard that quite a bit. One of the captions on a blog I came across was, "Jimmy Kimmel letting his Feminist flag fly high at the Oscars!"

That's when I googled feminism. I'm totally serious. In all my years hearing this word this was the first time I actually looked up the definition,

Feminish - the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
Wait, that's what it means? Really? Shouldn't we all be feminists then? Is it true that because women stood up for their rights to be recognized equally as a man they were patronized and referred to by this negative term, feminist?
You will have to excuse because that really doesn't make much sense to me. I see how men might be thinking to themselves,
Enough already! Equal. Equal. Equal. I'm tired of hearing about your equal. You're getting it already so bring the attitude down a bit.
I think that funny because I think the women have earned the right to yell, protest, and stomp for as long as they want. Let me be the first to raise my hand and say I know men like this. You'll need to keep marching, keep stomping, and maybe raise the volume a bit.
I'm a white man and I've never been held back by the color of my skin or checking the gender box male. I can try to understand, sympathize, and feel what everyone is going through. I can pretend that I'm REALLY on their side (was looking for a cheerleader emoji).
The truth is I will never know. I can only teach son and surround myself with the right people. It's my responsibility to make sure our son understands how he can make a difference and treat people. I saw this commercial tonight during the Oscars and loved it.
Nest is the company and it's promoting their home security video system. The shots begins with a girl ringing the doorbell and ends with a young teen walking back to the car. The father says, "Steven, can I have a minute.." The viewer thinks this kid is the date and the father is speaking on behalf of the daughter. This was great storytelling to be shown during the Oscars because I think it totally fools the viewer.

What a great teaching moment to parents. "It starts at home" That was brilliant. The #metoo and #timesup movements are just the beginning. To be honest this has been going on since 1920 when women were given the right to vote. Think about that. They had to vote about that and put it in law.

You are about to witness the power of the people over the next few years. Remember this moment because I believe through all the agony will meet a wave of celebrations. The country is changing in front of our eyes and this part might just be one of our finest hours. Through tragedy, we triumph.

I don't typically watch the Oscar's but wanted to see what Hollywood would do. Tonight the show was about the awards but it was far more than that. They tackled racism, feminism, and equality for everyone.

You're about to witness the true meaning of, rise up.

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