I found this quote within myself a long time ago and I use it's power each day. We celebrate our son's third birthday this weekend and can't believe how great he's doing. Lennox (our son) has been in and out of the hospital for the last two years. We really believe his health has turned the corner.

Lennox spent weeks in the hospital due to a ruptured ulcer. We spent the next 18 months navigating through more health setbacks.

You have to take control at some point in your life no matter what the odds are. I know it's easy to say it because I don't walk in your shoes each day. I get it. That's why you need someone that will always be your rock and your motivation. I almost left a meeting yesterday because I can't do quit. I watch people quit on life all the time and for what? Because it got too hard? I'm not speaking to people with mental illness right now who struggle with deeper issues. I'm speaking to the individuals who consume themselves with negativity and drama.

Do you ever hear someone say, "life hates me!" No, it doesn't. You let it. You ever felt you deserved a job so bad to be passed by? I've always looked at with this question, "how bad do you want it?" Do you want that job? Really? Go buy a barbecue pit, attach gloves to the handle, put your resume inside, and a note outside that reads, "This resume is too hot to handle. Please use gloves before opening." You might be the worst qualified but it WILL get read and you are most likely getting a callback.

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel unattractive? Get dissed at work and in your relationship. We tend to combine all these problems and the next thing you know your catching EVERY SINGLE STOPLIGHT on the way to work. Things just happen that way and it's kind of funny when you think about it.

Why does life hate you? It doesn't! All of us have control to do or be whatever the hell we want. Sometimes you have to turn things back around on yourself and be honest. Can I fix this? Take out a piece of paper and list all of your problems with things that hold you back. Be completely honest with yourself or reading this far was a waste of time. List the things that stand in the way of your dreams.

I want you to go back and come up with solutions for each of those. Let me give you an example and don't overthink it because you know what's in your head.

  • I'm tired of feeling fat, unattractive, and getting made fun of in the workplace - I could start with eating healthier by cutting out sugar, soda, and particularly fast food. Buy headphones with my favorite motivational songs that make me happy - not some sad music that reminds you of some ex. Use headphones to block out that negativity at work.
  • I hate going into work because I don't like my boss or a co-worker - I'm going into work tomorrow and discuss it face to face with my boss. I will very nicely ask him if everything is okay and if there is anything I can do to be a better employee. I will approach the negative employee and ask them If I didn't something wrong that has made them mad at me? Did I offend them?
  • I can't seem to hold a relationship because I continue to meet really bad guys. I've just given up - I'm going to start by forgetting the dating scene and focus more on myself. A man/woman doesn't make me - This is my life and I need to get that right first before I can ever let someone in my life again. Happiness with myself needs to be priority #1.

You always have roadblocks that come out of nowhere and it's not about how big the crash is. Can you fix everything again or will you just continue to be broken? Life doesn't hate you and love is everywhere. "Why is she so pretty and happy? Why can't I lose this weight and find my prince charming?" Well, duh! Nobody wants to go out with someone who has zero self-confidence for starters. Seriously. You can blame everyone else for your problems all you want but it's you that has to fix it.

Is that harsh? I think it's honest. I heard someone say the other day that if you want to know what kind of person someone is, watch who they walk with. You are who you hang with and if they aren't making YOU a better person - bye Felicia!

Lennox will celebrate his special day on Saturday. There's no doubt that if he were to catch a cold, get sick and need to visit a doctor it would shake us. These things always do and I've realized that we're not the only ones going through these types of problems. I believe we're so lucky and blessed. I never take it for granted and I TRY to live each day like that. Don't let other people influence your success on life. If you were to say, "Why does life hate me?!?!" I would say, "You let it."

Now, go live.

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